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Vital Stats

Vital Stats!

Nickname: Row
D.O.B.: 1996
Hometown: Alsager
Home Club/Team:

Sponsors: Roxy, Nordica, Chillfactore, sure foot, Ellis brighams, point 6
Goals: To be able to compete at Sochi 2014 Olympics. Also to compete at the XGames and to win a medal.

Highlights: 3rd at the Junior World Champ's

Rowan's Biography

I'm from Stoke on Trent in England and grew up just 15 minutes away from my local slope in Stoke, where I first learnt to ski and attended my first freestyle camp at the age of 11. This is where it all started for me!

My major introduction to freeski was attending the Gromcamps and British Freeski camps abroad in Saas Fee, Switzerland. This was my first time trying half pipe.

After a couple of years going on these camps I found my love for the half pipe and started training in this discipline properly - I moved into starting to compete in some of the smaller international competitions.

Now I'm traveling around the world training and competing at World Cup level which is amazing, and trying to qualify for Sochi 2014.

Some of my achievements include 3rd Junior World Champs, 10th in the Northface Park and Pipe, competing in the London ride and competing at World Cup standard.




[img src=/gb/wp-content/teamgallery/cheshire/thumbs/thumbs_nz-practice-1-2013.jpg]
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[img src=/gb/wp-content/teamgallery/cheshire/thumbs/thumbs_rowan-jwc-bronze-medal-2013_0.jpg]
[img src=/gb/wp-content/teamgallery/cheshire/thumbs/thumbs_rowan-jwc-bronze_0.jpg]
[img src=/gb/wp-content/teamgallery/cheshire/thumbs/thumbs_saas-fee-week-2-2nd-shoot-141-of-180.jpg]
[img src=/gb/wp-content/teamgallery/cheshire/thumbs/thumbs_valmalenco-pipe-shot-2013.jpg]
[img src=/gb/wp-content/teamgallery/cheshire/thumbs/thumbs_screen-shot-2013-08-19-at-16-38-39.png]
360 Seconds Q&A

360 Seconds Q&A

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My Team Diary

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